Company Background

The trench coat is a fashion history icon. The trench has gained prominence in the visual language of popular culture—evolving from its intended use as a soldier's overcoat to become the uniform of film noir anti-heroes and ultimately, a staple of a man or woman's modern wardrobe. A reinterpretation of the trench is the foundation upon which Gryphon was built. We took the iconic coat and played with fit and form, but always with an eye to practicality.

For Fall 2013, Gryphon is returning to its roots by re-launching as an outerwear-only resource. The transformative power of a chic coat or jacket that is both functional and fashionable is the cornerstone of the brand.

The name Gryphon will be synonymous with can't miss trench coats, puffer coats, overcoats, pea coats, parkas, blazers, anoraks, baseball jackets, and more. Outerwear is similar to an investment accessory since, like a great handbag, a coat is something you wear almost daily that needs to seamlessly work with your existing wardrobe but instantly updates what you own.

aimee cho
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